09/29/2018 @ 8:30 am
Greenway Challenge
70.3 Mile, Off-Road, Duathlon, , Other Triathlon
Whitinsville, MA

2018 Course
2018 will feature a variaton of the 2016 "Up River" Course from Lincoln, RI to Whitinsville, MA.  The only anticipated changes include swapping the Mountain Bike and Trail Run segments between Douglas State Forest  and River Bend Farm (Goat Hill) from 2016.  The actual trails used will be slightly different in these locations for 2018.

The 2018 Greenway Challenge will be an "Up River" course; ~56 miles from Lincoln, RI to Whitinsville, MAI!!!

Starting line: Lincoln Woods State Park, Twin River Rd, Lincoln, RI
Transition 1:  Douglas State Forest, Wallum Lake Rd, Douglas, MA
Transition 2:River Bend Farm, Oak St, Uxbridge, MA
Finish line: Whitin Community Center (WCC), 60 Main St, Whitinsville, MA
  1. Lincoln Woods State Park - Lake Paddel 2.7 mi - MASS START!!
  2. Lincoln Woods State Park - Road Run 2.4 mi
  3. Lincoln Woods State Park to Douglas State Forest - Road Bike 24 mi
  4. Douglas State Forest - Mountain Bike 4.5 mi
  5. Douglas State Forest to River Bend Farm - Road Bike 13 mi
  6. River Bend Farm - Trail Run 4 mi
  7. River Bend Farm - River/Canal Paddle 2.4 mi
  8. River Bend Farm to WCC - Road Run 3.2 mi
*Detailed course maps will be posted online by July 1